7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Los del sur

Music trip to Latin America


The Latin American music is characterized by interactive transaction of different cultures, such as the local American Indian, African and European. The result of this combination of multiculturalism contributed to the formation of a new culture, a new reality.

The musical group “Los del Sur” («Those of the South”), consisting of six musicians from different countries, has it’s own way of Latin American music. Within the repertoire perform exactly this multicultural combination. They present music from Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Cuba.

Music, passion and talent make the crowd enjoy the rhythms of Latin America and become familiar with them and enjoy a different spectacle, full of rhythm and joy.

The band compose experienced musicians:

  • Alejandro Diaz from Chile, composer, performer and voice different organs.
  • Herman Mayr from Argentina, voice, guitar and various instruments.
  • Luis Carrera Zapata from Bolivia, voice and percussion.
  • Pedro Fabian Cordova from Peru, voice and percussion.
  • Javier Rico from Mexico, percussion and voice.

See their Facebook group Los del Sur

Los del Sur band have been fortunate to work with one of the best singers in Greece and Latin America, Martha Moreleón from Mexico, which her contribution gives a separate note.