The Swing Shoes

Swing Shoes , braces, striped suits, berets, horn-rimmed glasses, ribbons in the hair for the ladies, glossy for their gentlemen are the key ingredients!

Endless fun dancing mood, favourite melodies of excellent musicians, wonderful performances, favourite tunes in unexpected performances are their quality ingredients! The Swing Shoes is a restless, eclectic and upbeat band. Their references are often traditional, but their performances are almost always subversive. Their repertoire is constantly mutating and their choices are impressive. Swing shoes concerts excite and amaze the audience with binder and raw intimacy that exudes.

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The Swing Shoes began in 2006 with Adonis Gulielmo and George Koutras as a guitar duo, playing on the road a mixture of swing, gypsy jazz, rock, gospel and traditional Greek songs. The band took its current form with the addition of bassist Panos Tomaras (The Earthbound), Andreas Sigalou- violin and Nikos Zografos- percussion.

In the winter of 2008 and spring of 2009 began playing with singers Peace Dimopoulou Sugahspank! every week at Santa Botella. The result thrilled. Since then they are giving concerts in various scenes and festivals in Athens (Djangofest, festivals BABEL, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Half Note, Southern Cross, Pallas with Joss Stone, Floral, Six Dogs etc.) and the rest of Greece.
In 2010 they released their first album titled «Ladies and Gents … Here’s The Swing Shoes» in Prominence Recordings, which got very positive reviews.
In the summer of 2012, seven musicians were playing in front of 8000 world at Garden of the Concert Hall. They also participated in festivals outside Greece, in Cyprus and Germany and in September of the same year they took place in the second day of the Ark festival.

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