Theater of the Day

Myths in the labyrinth

“Lost in the labyrinth.. secrets well hidden..”

The ancient Greek myths in modern reality. Travelling with myths and stories from Greek mythology, the children meet their heroes and experience the adventures and accomplishments. With stimulus game and myths such as Pandora’s box, Odysseus with the Sirens, Demeter and Persephone, the cycle of the four seasons, they experience and discover their importance in today’s reality. A performance play as a game where children actively participate.


Direction & Costumes: Andromache Montzoli

Educational Supervision – Games: Despina Maragoudaki

Choreography: Maria Antoniou

Sets: Maria Demetriades

Cast-animators (theater pedagogue) : Olga Mourgelas, Dimitra Nikolopoulou and Maria Antoniou

Theatre of the Day

With the artistic direction of Andromache Montzoli and management studies of Lakis Kouretzis , Theatre of the Day completed 21 years of operation continuously providing to the children and adults the creative entertainment (teachers , artists , parents , etc. . ) .Having the dramatic play as the main axis , it has pursued an ambitious program of recreational and educational activities .

Genimata 20, 115 24, Abelokipi ( Metro Panormos )

Tel : 210 6929090, 210 6995777, Fax: 210 6923470


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