“Loving Melitzazz”

“Loving Vincent”, is the first animation film about the turbulent life of the painter Vincent Van Gogh. It took 62,450 paintings as one hour of the film corresponded to 43,200 paintings.For three years, the 95 painters who took part in the effort worked to develop the style to recreate the 94 paintings of Van Gogh. To have the animation flow every second of the 87 minute, it required 12  paintings! For one painiting  it takes approximately from one hour to two days, which means that a painter may have taken a month to paint a second of the film! The painters worked in booths, the Painting Animation Work Stations (PAWS), specially designed workspaces.The film also has live action with downloads being made either in a set that resembles the paintings or a green screen background. These downloads were combined with computer animation and were synthesized by the special painters, creating the first full painting movie. The cast includes names like Saoirse Ronan, Aidan Turner, Douglas Booth, Helen McCrory, Chris O’Dowd and Jerome Flynn.

The film chronicles the life of painter Vincent Van Gogh and his mysterious death. The script is based on the 800 letters written by him, the latter of which states: “The truth is that we can only speak through our works.” From this phrase the creators of the film drew inspiration creating a narrative masterpiece through the paintings of Van Gogh, the protagonists and the dramatic events that led to his death.

As he writes in one of his letters, “Goggen, Bernard or I, we may not win, but we will not win. We may not exist here for one or the other, but we are here to prepare a more comforting painting.”

In Leonidio we will learn about his life, we will appreciate his enormous contribution to art and how well he managed to speak in a masterful way through his work. The film “Loving Vincent” will be screened for the firast time in Greece in Leonidio , as well as we will have the opportunity to see PAWS closely and 3 Greek painters, artists who participated in the creation of the paintings who will guide us in making the film. All this here in Leonidio, in “Loving Meltzazz 2017”.


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