7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Our Mediterranean menu

Melijazz (meaning) (1). kind of jazz music played only in Leonidion, Arcadia and necessarily accompanied by delicious appetizers and real tsakonian eggplant dishes.(2) that very special jazz sensation that leaves the palate sweet as honey  from the taste of Tsakonian eggplant, either cooked or fresh. (3) ethno-jazz festival with Leonidio as a host and a…

Climbing wall

A similar wall will be set up in Leonidio and will be available for dynamic guests during the 2013 festival, with the support of the people of AMS – Athenian Mountaineering Association and the local people. The wall will be available in Leonidio and after the festival, under the project “Creating climbing park in Leonidio”…

Spanish Cinematography

Bienvenido Mr. Marshall( Welcome Mr.Marshall) LUIS GARCÍA BERLANGA, 1953, 75’ Residents of Villar del Rio , a village in Castile , await the arrival of the Committee Marshall and they plan and organize a big celebration for his reception in the village , which coincides with the performance of a famous folk singer . They…