7 – 10 July, Leonidio

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Dysanatolia is a band, the members of whose join the common love for music of Greece, as much as the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean, with clear references to modern and old Turkish music creation as well as in the musical tradition of the Roma. In the band’s repertory there are songs clearly western, but orchestrated with a fusion mood. The result is an alloy, in which the West constantly face up with the East and the Balkans. The kanoon alternates with the saxophone, the Judeo-Spanish dialect with the Turkish language and Ray Charles with the tradition of Balkan Roma.

The Dysanatolia are:

  • Ria Ellinidou: Vocals
  • Loukas Metaxas: Percussions
  • Manolis Xristodoulou: Kanoon
  • Christos Kiriazis: Saxophone
  • Konstantinos Zapantis: Guitar
  • Dionisis Makris: Bass

More elements:

Facebook: dysanatolia
Youtube: Dysanatolia